The use of marketing communications as a powerful competition edge is rising constantly. As a member of the Association of Finnish Advertisers you will greatly improve your company’s chances for success. We promote the interests of any company that wishes to advertise. In addition, we offer our members substantial information, training and networking possibilities. More than 400 companies are already involved.

10 good reasons to be a member

1. Affordable membership fee
- The Association of Finnish Advertisers membership fee is 590 Euros during the first year upon joining. Later on, the fee will range from 610 e to 1470 e per year.

2. Free consultation in marketing jurisprudence
- We offer consultation concerning trademarks, brands, marketing guidelines and legislation.

- Samples of marketing communications industry contracts are available for your use. If you need assistance in drafting contracts pertaining to marketing communications for your own company, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

- We are also happy to assist you with choosing the right advertising and media firm to meet your needs. Our consultation services range from determining the best fit to your organizational needs to pricing of service offered.

3. Relevant information from the advertiser´s point of view
- Four issues of the periodical MAINOSTAJA yearly. This publication is the foremost marketing communications industry publication in Finland. You can select up to ten issues delivered to staff of your choosing in your organization.

- Eight electronic newsletters each year offering you the latest news and developments in marketing communications.

- The members’ extranet online, which contains constantly updated information exclusive to the members only.

4. Industry seminars with reduced registration fees
- We host approximately ten half-a-day seminars a year in which industry experts discuss advertiser’s fundamental and current issues related to marketing communications. 

- The most important event of the industry, the Advertising Day, is held annually in September for circa 600 people. Members can participate with reduced registration fees in this marketing communications networking event.

5. Assistance in choosing the right affiliates
- The printed and online versions of Advertiser’s Directory are the most comprehensive advertising databases in the industry. This directory offers you the best means in finding the right affiliates when planning and executing marketing communications. Here you will find the information of over 1000 companies including advertising agencies, media firms, printing offices and photographers. As a member benefit you will get full access to the online service. 

6. Publications for free and with member prices
- The objective of the Association of Finnish Advertisers’ guides is to produce versatile and up-to-date information for everyday work. Every member company receives copies for free or at cost price of new books which are published 4-6 times a year. As a member you can buy more copies at reduced price. 

7. Research data to help you in your own profession 
- The Association of Finnish Advertisers’ own research (including the Advertising Barometer and the Advertising and Media Agency Study) offers information eg. on advertising and media agency remuneration. As a member you will receive information that is otherwise not published. 

8. Information on legislations is easily acquired
- You can easily get information on word or a topic related search from the Markkinoinnin Säännöt ja Ohjeet (Advertiser’s Rules and Regulations) internet service – with membership this is also free of charge.

9. Monitoring international development
- We follow industry’s international development through international organizations, such the World Federation of Advertisers, the umbrella organization of advertisers worldwide. We are actively involved enacting legislations related to marketing activities in EU. As a member you will receive first-hand information on marketing matters that are still in preparation.

10. Networking opportunities
- In our networking events you will have the indispensable opportunity to meet your colleagues in the marketing communications field in Finland and beyond. Eg. the Annual General Meeting is held in March. You will also have the possibility to be more active by participating in the Association’s working groups.